• Epson TW9400B 4K UHD Projector with 4K Pixel Shift Technology
    (White finish available for $200 extra)
  • BIG 3 METRE (120”) SCREEN 
  • Integra DRX-3.3 Receiver, 9 Channel, Atmos, 5 Year Warranty
  • Paradigm Monitor SE Speaker 5.1.2 Pack:
    Monitor 6000F, 2000C Centre,
    Monitor Classic Surround1,
    Defiance V12 Subwoofer,
    H65-R In-Ceiling Speakers for Dolby Atmos!
  • HD Set Top Box for Digital TV
  • HDMI Cables and Projector Bracket
  • Full Installation (Conditions apply, click here to view.)

RRP $16,244