Home Cinema Action Packages

Action Packages

Our range of Home Theatre ‘ACTION PACKS’© deliver BIG screen and BIG sound – perfect for people wanting a BIG experience with lots of excitement!

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Home Cinema Designer Packages

Designer Packages

Our Home Theatre ‘DESIGNER PACKS’ all feature elegant and discrete Speakers (such as Bose® or Custom In-Wall Speakers) that blend easily with any rooms décor. Each Designer Pack features a Projector with a BIG SCREEN that you measure not in inches, but in METRES!

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Home Cinema Hollywood Packages

Hollywood Packages

These high performance Home Theatre packages all feature high-end Projectors with premium Screens (Many with “CINEMASCOPE” 2.35:1 Screens!), and state-of-the-art Surround Sound systems for a mind-blowing experience. Experience Movies, Sports and Concerts in truly spectacular style.

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